Womens Tops

Whether you’re a certified gym junkie, a dawn park runner or a night owl trainer, you’ll find the right fit in our women’s sports tops and tanks. Designed with Muscle Nation’s famous blend of innovative performance fabrics and dedication to on-trend, comfortable and practical garments — discover our range of women's gym tops today.  

Women’s Exercise Tank Tops — For The Most Intense Workouts

Created to keep up with you during workouts and keep you comfy afterwards, our Women’s Exercise Tank Tops allow you to train without distraction — our singlets come in a range of lightweight and breathable fabrics to keep you cool throughout high-intensity sessions. Try our popular Motion Fabric Technology that allows you total freedom of movement while you push yourself to new heights. 

Stay Warm With Long Sleeve Women’s Active Tops

Super soft, recycled material hugs your form to keep muscles warm and limber — perfect for late-night training or early morning outdoor runs, you’ll love our fitted yet flexible long sleeve tops. Our stretchy material is engineered to fit closely and snap back into shape, so you can layer our long sleeves over other pieces or wear them by themselves and still get a perfect fit. 

Explore Our Casual Tees Collection

Our Women's Casual Tees are perfect to throw on over your Activewear before and after the gym, lounge around or wear them your own way. However you like to style your tees, Muscle Nation has got you covered. 

With a relaxed crop fit that pairs beautifully with our Women’s Activewear and even our men’s collection, you and your gym partner can wear matching Superset Tees for a cute gym team vibe. Size up for an oversize fit or select your regular size for a fitted look.

If you love the oversized style, our Vintage Tees pair aged fabric styles with throwback designs that look great both in and out of the gym. The Vintage Crop shows a little cheeky midriff and comes in an acid wash detail finish that’s super soft. Our range of cotton tees wash well, wear well and are super airy in summer. 

Get Delivery on Women’s Sports Tops - Australia Wide

No matter where you are in Australia, get your Muscle Nation haul delivered straight to your door and delivery is free on domestic orders over $100. 

To ensure you choose the perfect size, check out our fit guide for detailed measurements of our garments. If you’re still not sure about the right choice for you, our team is here to help! Our frequently asked questions can provide you with the answers you need, or get in touch and have a chat with us about finalising your purchase. 


What is the best material for women's gym tops?

There’s a lot of debate over the best type of material for women's gym tops. Some athletes favour the breathable, moisture-wicking natural fibres of cotton, whereas others prefer a lightweight and flexible polyester.

We offer a range of women's gym tops in a variety of fabric blends such as polyester and elastane, nylon and elastane, and cotton and polyester. Each fabrication is designed to provide you with the utmost comfort, durability and flexibility as you smash through your gym sesh. Muscle Nation specialises in workout gear made from innovative moisture-wicking performance fabrics that help keep you cool and comfortable during your workout.

Can women’s gym tops be worn casually?

Yes, of course. All our on-trend women’s gym tops in Australia can be worn both during and after your workout. Our stylish and figure-flattering women’s tops can be effortlessly paired with your existing wardrobe. Whether you’re going for a short morning walk, carpooling the kids home, or even heading out for a mid-day lunch with your besties, women’s gym tops make the perfect complement for many activities and occasions. Our tops are available in various colours, fits and styles to make a head-turning fashion statement with every step. 

What should I wear under women’s gym tops?

If you’re wearing one of our stylish vintage-inspired tees or tanks, we recommend layering one of our sports bras underneath for increased support and flexibility. Our range of women's tops is designed to flatter a woman's figure, provide support during high-intensity workouts and encourage freedom of movement.

What should I look for in women's gym tops?

When selecting a women’s gym top, there are some factors to keep in mind to aid your performance:

  • Moisture wicking — The ability of a fabric to transfer moisture or sweat away from the body’s surface is known as wickability. Fabrics that possess this ability help to regulate body temperature and prevent rashes and itches while keeping you cool, dry and comfy. 
  • Comfortable, lightweight and breathable — Comfort is essential to a good women’s gym top. If your gym gear does not feel comfortable against your skin, you won’t feel at ease while exercising or moving. Plus, the material needs to be lightweight and breathable. 
  • Non-restricting and flexibleWomen’s tops should allow your body to run, lift weights or carry out any form of activity without hindering your movement. The material needs to be flexible so that it can retain its original shape without breaking or restricting your movement. 
  • Protection Women’s gym tops should offer protection from the elements. If you’re exercising outdoors, wearing activewear that’s designed to help you stay warm or cool in any weather is something worth looking into.

What size of women's gym tops should I buy?

Purchase a women’s gym top that’s closest to the size you normally wear. If you purchase a top that’s too small or too large, you won’t get the optimum level of support you require. For low-impact exercises, such as pilates or yoga, opt for a fitted women’s gym top that allows you to move freely without feeling constricted. If you’re joining in high-impact exercises, such as running or basketball, choose a loose-fitting women’s top that will move with you and help keep you cool and comfortable.