Hey MN Fam!

We wanted to write you a quick letter to thank you for your orders and support.

We also wanted to let you in on a exciting project we have been working on. We haven’t published anything about this on our socials, and have kept it under wraps. Major announcements will start early February and products launched around the 20th February.

We will be launching MN Supplements with three highly effective and quality products:

  1. DESTINY fat burner in 4 flavours 
  2. LEGACY pre-workout in 4 flavours
  3. THREE-D pump performance pre-workout (no caffeine no stimulants) in 2 flavours

MN Supplements will be available at supplement stores all around AUSTRALIA.

You are going to love and appreciate how fresh and tasty these flavours are. The formulations are quality! They are very effective and efficaciously dosed. These products will have you feeling very focused, energised and up beat (no crash!).

We will have a HUGE giveaway on our Instagram page @musclenation early February (announcement post).


We are an Aussie company, and it has been an amazing journey of hard work, commitment, team work and passion for Nathaniel and myself (Chris) since we teamed up to start our Muscle Nation journey (August 2016 - 2 years 5 months ago). Packing orders out of Nathaniel’s grandma’s and mum’s house (2016-2017), renting our first little 100 sqm warehouse (January 2018), then three months after that (April 2018) needing to move into our new 500 sqm warehouse. January 2019 we are looking to finalise a move into a 2,000 sqm warehouse with office space.

Our growth has been exponential, and our commitment to always doing the right thing, caring about our community, keeping it very real, logging our journey and having a great time, is our passion! Everyday our social media tells our story of who we are, with our very organic Instagram posts and captions @musclenation .

We truly thank you all, who entrust us and support Muscle Nation everyday.

Nathaniel & Chris (owners)


DESTINY Fat Burner (read more)

LEGACY Pre-Workout (read more)

THREE-D Pump + Performance Pre-Workout (no caffeine no stimulants) (read more)