Join Muscle Nation Rewards Program

You're officially invited to join Muscle Nation Rewards, our new Muscle Nation Loyalty Program 🥇

If you have or have not yet purchased from us before, sign in or register and claim your 500 points!

Get rewarded for every purchase you make with us by receiving points for every dollar spent, as well referring a friend, liking us on Facebook and following us on Instagram!


Muscle Nation Rewards is our VIP loyalty program where you can earn points and discounts on your favourite Muscle Nation Apparel and Supplements!

Muscle Nation points are earned by simple actions that can be used for storewide savings for your next haul.

Level Up For Better Discounts And Perks

Everyone starts as a Member and as you earn more you can move up in the ranks.

Here’s the 4 tiers:


Points will be automatically applied to your account as you complete the below actions:


Points can be redeemed using our ‘points slider’ on the checkout page:

Muscle Nation Rewards FAQ's

Muscle Nation Rewards is our brand new Loyalty Program and our way of thanking our loyal customers for their continued support! You will earn points for actions (such as following us on Instagram, referring friends, making purchases and more). These points can then be used for discounts off MN purchases and scoring other goodies!

If you already have an account with Muscle Nation, you are automatically enrolled and can log in now! If not, all you have to do is register for a free account now. Use the button above to sign-up!

You earn points by actions you complete with Muscle Nation. For a full breakdown of how you can earn

Once logged on the Muscle Nation website you can click ‘Get Rewards’ to see what rewards are available. You can also use the ‘redeem at checkout’ points slider during checkout to redeem your points.

You simply use the ‘points slider’ located in the ‘order summary’ during checkout to redeem your points. You will need to make sure you are logged into your customer profile on the website for this feature.

Each level has different entry requirements:
Member (Level 1) - Entry Criteria: $0 spent
Bronze (Level 2) - Entry Criteria: $500 spent
Silver (Level 3) - Entry Criteria: $1,500 spent
Gold (Level 4) - Entry Criteria: $3,000 spent

For every $1 spent you will receive 5 points — but the more you spend the more you’re rewarded! For every tier you progress into, the more points you will earn per dollar.
Member (Level 1) - 5 points per $1 spent
Bronze (Level 2) - 6 points per $1 spent
Silver (Level 3) - 7 points per $1 spent
Gold (Level 4) - 8 points per $1 spent

When you’re logged into your customer profile on our website, your points balance will be displayed.

For basic activities like following/liking us on social media, signing up to our mailing list, or creating an account — it will generally take a few minutes to process and add your points. For purchases and referrals this can take up to 14 days.

No, you can only use one or the other at checkout. So if you have a discount code, make sure you’re using the offer that benefits you the most!.

Yes. Our previous loyalty program has now finished. However, if you earned a Bronze, Silver, or Gold discount code from the previous program, these are still valid (if you have not used them).

The code(s) will still be active. However no new codes will be sent for the old loyalty program.

There are 4 tiers that you can progress through! Member, Bronze, Silver, Gold

You stay in a tier for 12 months (minimum) unless you have spent enough to move up to the next tier.

Your points last for 12 months from your last purchase date (i.e. if you purchased in November 2020, your points will expire in November 2021 unless you purchase again before that date)

Yes, you are able to use your points store wide* and on sale items.
*Excluding gym equipment

Nope, earn as many as you can!!

If your points are 'Approved' that means they can be redeemed immediately. If the points are 'Pending' they need to be verified before you’ll be able to redeem them (this is applicable with purchases or referral purchases).
For example, the points will change from ‘Pending’ to ‘Cancelled’ if a referral purchase isn’t made (or you return your order).

If your friend doesn’t place an order or cancels the order they placed, your points will either show as ‘Pending’ or ‘Cancelled’. Please note: your friend will need to purchase using the same email address you used to refer to them.

Not to worry, if you already follow us on Instagram, like us on Facebook, and you've subscribed to our newsletter - you can still grab extra points! Simply tap the relevant prompt, follow the steps and you will receive points.

During our Black Friday Sale you can earn reward points however, you will not be able to redeem them. Not to worry, after the sale period is finished, you will be able to access all your points and use them on future orders!

Please contact us via our ‘contact us‘ page.