Asha's Full Lower Body Workout

Join 3x WBFF Figure World Champion and our athlete, Asha Coulthard. Taking us through her full lower body workout wearing the Steady Bralette and Midway Shorts in Nectar coming soon in Grounded Collection. 

Her pre-workout of choice is a stack of LEGACY Pre Workout Energy - Green Melon and Creatine Monohydrate and during her workout is taking AMINOS BCAAs EAAs in Orange Fizz. 

Checkout the full workout below going through exercises, sets, reps and detailed explanations to help you.

Workout Instructions


GHD Glute Activation 


- Drive movement through glutes

- Single leg movements if you have imbalances

- Focus on squeezing and activating

Dead Bug Core Activation


- Pull belly button to the ground

- Shoulder blades down

- Slow controlled movement patterns 


A: Sumo Deadlifts

4 sets, 8/8/6/6 reps 


- Push knees out

- Pull the slack out of the bar

- Chest up

- Focus on pushing the floor away

- If needed reset between lifts/ focus on form


B: Hack Squat

4 sets, 8/8/6/6 reps 


- Feet shoulder width apart

- Do not lock knees when unlocking

- I am aiming for a 3 second descending phase keeping the tension on

- A huge focus for me is controlling my breathing. 


C: Lying Leg Curls

4 sets, 10 reps 


- Keeping hips down

- Slow controlled movements

- Keeping tension on at all times


D1: Leg Press

4 sets, 10 reps 


- 90 degree angle

- Slow controlled reps

- No locking out

- Tension on quad focus

- Drive through heels

D2: Leg Extensions

4 sets,10 reps plus drop sets 


- Tension on

- Focus on squeezing the quads with the whole movement

- 2 second hold at the top

- Drop sets will be a burn out phase