Tess Timpano Glutes Workout

Join Tess Timpano as she takes us through her Lower Primary Deadlift Day. 
Tess is a personal trainer as well as our Muscle Nation athlete!

Tess is wearing the Align Bralette and Zero Rise Everyday Ankle Length Leggings in apricot marl. To get her through her workout she has taken our LEGACY Pre Workout Energy - Sour Green Apple

Checkout the full workout below with cues to help you with each exercise.

Workout Instructions 

A: Low Bar Back Squats

4 sets, 6 reps @ 90kg 


- Bracing, winding elbows back & down

- Closing off lats, spread the floor, stacking rib cage over hips


B: Conventional Deadlift 

1 set, 1 rep @ 120kg

3 sets, 6 reps @ 105kg


- Chin down

- Spine neutral

- “tight armpits” “leg press the floor away”


C: Dumbbell Walking Lunge

2 sets, 8 each leg 


- Drive knee out to assist with balancing each rep

- Keep a slight angle in the torso keeping the weight in line with the working leg


D: Stiff Leg Deadlift

3 sets, 5-8 reps 


- Very slight bend in knees

- Push hips as far back as range will allow

- Chin tucked & neutral spine