Tess's Upper Body Workout

Tess has led us through an upper body workout fueled by our Muscle Nation Destiny Pre Workout Burn - Apple Blackcurrant. The workout consists of a range of exercises, sets, reps, and in-depth instructions for reaching your fitness objectives.

Workout Instructions


Barbell Overhead Press

4 sets, 5-8 reps (push to failure in that rep range)


 - Grip the barbell, brace your core and lift off the rack to your chest.

- Take a deep breath and press the bar overhead with fully extended arms.

- Lower the bar back to your chest and repeat with proper form. 


Barbell Incline bench

Top 1 set, 5 reps (RPE 8 )

Back down 3 sets,  8 reps (85% of top)


- Lie on an incline bench with barbell gripped at a slightly wider than shoulder-width.

- Lower bar to chest and drive back up with fully extended arms.

- Repeat with proper form and bench/shoulder contact.


Kneeling Underhand Cable High Row

3 sets, 12 each side


- Kneel facing a cable machine with underhand close-grip handle.

- Extend arms straight and pull handle back towards chest, leading with elbows.

- Repeat with proper form and avoid rounding back.


Dual Cable Lateral Raise

3 sets, 15 reps


- Stand facing dual cable stations with single handles attached.

- Arms extended straight down, simultaneously raise both arms to the side.

- Lower arms back to starting position, repeat with proper form.


Superset Cable Bicep Curl & Single Arm Cable Push Down

3 sets, 12 reps


- Stand facing cable machine, perform bicep curls with straight bar.

- After bicep curls, switch to single-arm cable pushdown with alternating arms.

- Repeat superset with proper form, avoiding swinging weights

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