Sequoia's Lower Body Workout

Join Sequoia as she takes us through her lower body workout routine. Checkout the full workout below going through exercises, sets, reps, videos and detailed explanations to help you.

Sequoia is wearing the V1 Butter Bike Shorts in Mocha and the Exceptional Bra in White. Her post workout is fuelled by our PLANT PROTEIN - Choc Peanut Butter Cup.

 Workout Instructions

A. Squats

6 sets, wave load 7,5,3,7,5,3

Squats are a classic exercise to target the lower body.

To perform a squat, assume a front rack position elevated, with your elbows up whilst holding onto the bar. Next, position your chest up whilst holding your upper back tight. Next, sit back and squat down whilst driving your knees out. As you come up, push up with your legs as if you're pressing away the earth.

B. Romanian Deadlift

4 sets, 12 reps

Romanian Deadlifts (RDL)'s target the lower body, and specifically the glutes and hamstrings.

In a standing position with your feet shoulder width apart, hold the dumbbells with your palms facing inward. Engage your core, have a slight bend in your knees. Start to hinge at the waist keeping a straight back, lowering the weights towards the ground. You should feel a deep stretch in your hamstrings as your hips move backwards. When you feel that deep stretch, start to reverse the motion and return to the standing position, squeezing your glutes as you stand up. Be sure to use proper technique when attempting this exercise.

C. KAS Glute Bridge

4 sets, 10 reps

The KAS Glute Bridge isolates and targets your glutes.

Start by leaning against a bench, roll a loaded barbell over your legs and have it above your hip joint. Hold your glutes tight to bring your body inline. For each rep, lift up your body thrusting with your hips to return to the horizontal position, using your hands to hold the barbell steady. Tighten your glutes to bring your body in line from shoulders to knees. Your knees should be over your ankles, with your shins vertical. Your hips and knees should also be in line with one another. Very slowly lower your hips by an inch or two. Then, slowly return them to the horizontal position so they are in line with your shoulders and knees.

C1. Step Ups

3 sets, 10 reps (each leg)

Step ups are another great workout to strengthen your glutes.

With a dumbbell in each hand, position one leg up on a box, pushing primarily through your elevated foot, lift your body up onto the step. Then step backward to the starting position. Continue to work one leg and complete all reps, then start on the other leg.

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