Sequia's Lower Body Workout

Workout Instructions 

A1: Barbell High Bar Squat

3 sets, 5,4,3 reps 


- Before starting your workout, make sure to complete adequate warm-up sets to prepare your body for the heavier working sets. This will ensure that your 3 working sets are challenging and that you are working near your maximum capacity.

- When positioning the barbell, place it on your upper traps and keep your upper back tight throughout the exercise. Initiate the movement by opening your hips and driving your knees outwards.

- Maintain whole body tightness throughout the entire movement to ensure proper form and maximum muscle activation.

B1: Leg Extension 

4 sets, 10 slow - 5 no tempo


- For your first set, perform 10 reps at a slow tempo with an eccentric (lowering) phase of 3 seconds. Without resting, immediately perform 5 reps at a fast tempo.

- Repeat this pattern for 4 sets total, trying to use the same weight for all sets.

C1: DB Walking Lunge 

4 sets, 22 reps 


- Use a heavy weight and maintain a slight forward lean in your torso throughout the exercise. Transition smoothly into the next repetition without pausing in between reps.

D1: Glute Drive Machine

4 sets, 15 reps 


- If your gym doesn't have a Glute Drive machine, you can use a barbell hip thrust as a substitute exercise. It's important to maintain constant tension throughout the movement and to ensure that you fully extend your hips at the top of each repetition.

E1: Stability ball crunch

3 sets, 20 reps 


- When performing the exercise, you should aim to stretch your body as far over the ball as possible. To engage your abs and maintain proper form, focus on pulling your ribs and hips together as you contract your abdominal muscles.

E2: Plank pull throughs

3 sets, 20 reps 


- Maintain proper alignment in your hips throughout the exercise, minimising any unnecessary movement or swinging. The movement should be controlled, and your wrists should be kept in line with your shoulders the entire time to ensure proper form and maximise muscle activation.