Kayla's Full Body Workout

Join fitness enthusiast, Kayla, as she guides us through a comprehensive cardio workout that targets every muscle in your body. Whether you're a seasoned fitness enthusiast or just starting out, this workout is a great way to get your heart rate up and challenge yourself to reach your fitness goals. So, get ready to sweat and let's get started!

Workout Instructions

1 Round 

Disclaimer: You DO NOT need to complete the reps in 1 set. You can breakdown the rep’s into multiple sets e.g. 60 Kettle Bell Swings = 6 x 10, then you move on to the next exercise.

800m Run

60 reps Kettle Bell Swings 


 - Hinge hips back

- Drive hips forward

- Keep arms straight

60 reps Commando Planks 


 - Keep core tight

- Maintain straight line from head to heels

- Alternating arm lift, maintain stability

60 reps Front Squat 

60 reps Barbell Cleans 


 - Maintain flat back and brace core

- Drive hips forward to generate power

- Pull bar to collarbone, catch in front squat position


500m Run 

50 reps Box Jumps 


 - Set feet shoulder-width apart

- Dip knees and explode upward

- Land with soft knees

50 reps RDL Touch and Go’s


 - Keep back straight

- Hinge at hips, not lower back

- Keep weight close to legs during movement

50 reps Push Press 


- Engage your core and keep it tight throughout the movement

- Dip down and then drive through your legs to push the bar overhead

- Finish with a strong lockout overhead and control the weight on the descent

50 reps Toe Touches Crunches 


- Keep feet off the ground

- Reach for the toes

- Contract abs on the way up


300m Run 

40 reps Kettle Bell Swings 

40 reps Ball Slams 

40 reps RDL Touch and Go’s

40 reps Russian Twists