Emily Hearn Lower Body Workout

Join Emily for this lower body and core workout routine. Get ready to build leg strength, tone your muscles, and improve core stability with varying rep ranges that promote muscle growth and endurance.

Workout Instructions


Hack Squat

3 sets, 8 -12 reps


- Feet shoulder width apart.

- Performing full range of motion (rom) every rep.

- Big breath in, tight core and thinking about pulling belly button into spine.


Barbell Romanian Deadlift

3 sets, 8 -12 reps


- This is a hip hinge movement so think about pushing hips BACK as far as you can.

- Only a slight bend in the knees to really drive stimulation to the hamstrings.

- Chin tucked to keep spine neutral.


Dumbbell Walking Lunges (Quad Focused)

3 sets, 10 -15 reps


- Focus on pushing your right knee over your toes to engage your quads.

- Keep your upper body upright for balance.

- Continue walking forward, alternating legs, and emphasising quad engagement with each step.


Leg Extensions

3 sets, 10 -15 reps


- Angle your knees and toes outward slightly.

- Don't rely on momentum to start each repetition; instead, concentrate on using your quads to lift your legs.

- Make sure to hold and fully extend for one second with each repetition.


Cable Crunch

3 sets, 20 reps


- Kneel down facing away from the machine, about a couple of feet away.

- Focus on using your abdominal muscles to curl your upper body forward.

- Squeeze your abs at the bottom of the movement to fully contract them.