Which Protein Powder is Best For Me?

Which Protein Powder is Best For Me?

Looking to increase your protein intake? Choose between our range of Muscle Nation Protein Powders including Whey Proteins, Plant Proteins, Protein Water and our delicious Custard Proteins. 

What is Protein Powder and Why Take It?

Let’s shed some light on why supplementing protein is beneficial, convenient and the difference between our range.

Protein in general is the most essential macronutrient that aids in building and repairing muscle tissue and also helps you feel fuller for longer. Supplementing with protein is also a great way to reduce muscle soreness as it incorporates essential and non-essential amino acids. 

If you’re looking to up your protein intake, aid your recovery and maintain/ increase muscle growth, add a Muscle Nation Protein Powder supplement to your diet.

Our Protein Powders and Protein Snacks are the perfect option for anyone to compliment and support your fitness/ nutrition goals and optimise your health.

The Benefits of Protein Supplements:

  1. Protein Promotes Muscle Growth
    Protein is essential for muscle growth and recovery. Also assists in reducing muscle soreness. 

  2. Protein In Your Diet
    Adding protein with each meal can assists with keeping you feeling fuller for longer. 

  3. Quick & Convenient
    Protein powder is one of the most convenient and efficient ways to increase your daily protein intake. Have it on the go, in a smoothie, with your oats, the options are endless.

  4. Taste & Texture
    Protein powders comes in a variety of options. From the traditional 'Daily Shake', to the ever popular 'Custard Protein', or the new 'Protein Water', there is something for everyone.

  5. Dietary Requirements
    From the traditional dairy protein powders, we also offer vegan friendly and gluten free options. 

Choose the Best Protein Powder for you:

From our range of Muscle Nation protein supplements we can assure you there is a protein option to suit your needs and goals. 


This is a quick and easy protein snack, all you need is water or milk! With a smooth and custard like consistency, our Custard Protein is the perfect breakfast, snack or nighttime treat to up your protein intake. Available in a range of flavours, Muscle Nation Custard Protein tastes amazing and is a good source of protein which is slow-digesting that helps keep you feeling fuller for longer.

The difference between Whey Protein and Casein Protein:

Like Whey Protein, Casein Protein is a milk-derived protein. However, your body absorbs Casein Protein slower than Whey Protein, which helps keep you feeling fuller for longer. The difference in absorption rate makes Casein Protein a great choice for the morning, night time or as an anytime protein snack.

On the other hand, because your body digests and absorbs Whey Protein much quicker, Whey Protein is the perfect choice as a daily or post workout shake. Whey Protein is also very versatile and enjoyed in smoothies and oats. 

The Cult Classic - WHEY PROTEIN:

When it comes to a fast-absorbing, easy digesting and low lactose protein powder that will deliver a high amount of protein per serve, Muscle Nation Whey Protein Isolate is the supplement for you! 

Serving Suggestions: Enjoy your Whey Protein as a shake with cold water or milk, a smoothie blended with ice, fruit or your favourite mix ins, or simply add it to your oats, yoghurt. Whey Protein is also a great addition to your favourite baked snacks.

The New Kid on the Block - DAILY SHAKE:

Our newest addition to our protein range is the delicious Daily ShakeThis protein supplement blends both Whey Protein and Milk Protein to deliver the perfect thick-shake like texture in an easy to mix protein shake.

Plant Protein and Custard Plant Protein - VEGAN FRIENDLY


Whether you follow a vegan or plant-based diet, or simply looking to add more protein to your diet, the Muscle Nation plant protein range is the perfect option.

Enjoy as a shake, smoothie and use it in your baking, the options are endless. Our Plant Proteins are also Gluten Free and utilize a range of plant proteins sources such as pea, rice and peanut.

For a delicious high protein snack option, our Custard Plant Protein ticks all the boxes. It has a smooth and custard like texture, and available in a delicious variety of flavours.

Serving Suggestions:

How To Make: Add water and mix well.

Try It Warm: Microwave for 30 seconds for a warm treat.

Freeze it: Freeze for 15 - 60 mins depending on your desired consistency for a cold treat.

Optional Mix-ins: Try adding some optional mix-ins to add texture and extra flavour. Examples include crushed up cookies, choc chips, fruits and more!

Something a Little Different - PROTEIN WATER:

Our new and innovative Protein Water has become a customer favourite. A refreshing clear protein water supplement which is a light alternative to the usual milky protein shake. With the benefits of protein, collagen, electrolytes and BCAA's, the Muscle Nation Protein Water is a fruity and thirst quenching drink to use any time of the day.

Serving Suggestions:

Shake: Add 1 scoop in a shaker with 350 - 450 mL of cold water and shake well.

Slushie: Add 1 scoop in a blender with 200 mL of water and top with lots of ice. Blend until it forms a slushie.

Smoothie: Add 1 scoop into a blender with water and your favourite fresh or frozen fruit. Blend until smooth.

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