What are scrunch bum leggings and why do you need them?

What are scrunch bum leggings and why do you need them?

You work hard in the gym to look good, get stronger and feel confident in your body. Activewear has slowly become more of a fashion statement in and out of the gym and designers have started designing more and more pieces that accentuate and compliment people’s figures. Muscle Nation scrunch bum leggings have become a staple for many gym-goers and can help them feel confident in their physique and give a little boost to your energy. But why do you need a pair of scrunch bum leggings in your wardrobe? 

What are scrunch bum leggings? 

They are just like regular leggings you would wear to the gym, but they use a sewing technique that creates a gathered look at the back of them. It helps create an illusion that accentuates your booty – we’re sure you’ve worked hard to build. They help build upon your physique in a natural way that doesn’t look over the top and gives you a perfect rounded shape that lifts and rounds your booty. 

Are scrunch bum leggings comfortable and functional?

100%! Muscle Nation scrunch bum leggings have become increasingly popular and because they hug your figure in the right way they are one of the most comfortable pieces of activewear you can own. Our scrunch bum leggings are made in materials like nylon and elastane, so they stretch with your body and are soft to touch. 

Once you have them on, you can feel the difference they make and how they fit against your booty. For a true fit, the best way to position them on your body is to do a small squat to really get them to sit true to your bum and then adjust how you want them to sit on your quads so they’re sitting just right.

The scrunch bum is made with elastic so it moves with you and doesn’t restrict any particular stretching or flexing movements. It is also for comfort against your skin so you don’t have to worry about any rubbing or uncomfortable pressure in that area. 

What to look for when buying scrunch bum leggings

There are a few different features to keep an eye out for when purchasing your scrunch bum leggings so you know you’re making the right choice.

  • A subtle scrunch

A scrunch on the bum that is too intense or too long can make your booty look flatter across the back but can also be a sign of poor craftsmanship. It should be a smaller, scrunched cluster towards the top of the rear seam that gives a subtle look to your booty and accentuates from the top downwards.

  • A v-shaped waist band at the back

The last thing you want is a flat waistband at the back that makes your booty look flat. Having a V-shaped waistband helps further accentuate your booty and compliments the scrunch so you have volume and shape.


Where can I find women’s scrunch bum gym leggings? 

At Muscle Nation, we have one of the widest ranges of scrunch bum leggings in Australia. Coming in a range of colours, materials, and designs you can find exactly what you need to suit your gym-going, booty-accentuating needs. We have bike short, booty short and full length scrunch bum leggings that can help you feel comfortable and confident in the gym. Shop the full range today and show us how you rock your scrunch bum leggings by tagging us on Instagram @musclenation