Sports Bras For Style And Comfort

Your perfect support in the gym: low, medium, & high impact sports bras for comfort & style.
Sports Bras For Style And Comfort

Muscle Nation has your back in the gym with a range of sports bras to suit your style of workout. Whether you’re after that high impact sports bra for the ultimate support during your high-intensity workout, or something stylish and comfortable when you’re at the free weights. With a wide variety of colours, styles, and designs you’re sure to find the perfect fit for you. 

Everyday support

Everyday support sports bras are the best choice for those who live in activewear. They offer strappy styles for unrestricted movement during training sessions and light support for everyday wear and light exercise. If you want something that feels a little freer, they have the option of removable padding, as well as the delicate strap details to help reduce any sort of tightness over your shoulders, traps and back.

Ultimate Support 

These medium impact sports bras give you the best of both worlds with excellent support and comfort. These bras are great for all-round exercise offering support for weight training, medium level cardio, and other general workouts. They have the option of removable padding if you want to loosen up a little or you can keep them in for added padding and support. 

Maximum Support 

These high impact sports bras offer the best durability and support for any kind of workout. Whether it’s a high-intensity workout, sprints on the treadmill, or you’re just looking for that bra with added support, these are the right pick for you. Engineered for the toughest of workouts, these bras offer the most secure and stable support, so you’ll never feel uneasy during a workout. Use the adjustable straps to find the right fit for you and never again spend time away from a workout fidgeting and fiddling with your sports bra.  


We know mammas still want to hit the gym, so we have the perfect sports bra solution for you. Our maternity sports bras offer soft elastic for comfort offering the maximum level of support. With a three hook back design you can adjust your bra to suit your bust as it changes. And for nursing mothers, there are breastfeeding clamps designed to make feeding easy on the go. 


Available in sizes XS to XXL, our inclusive and exceptionally comfortable bralettes cater to all women. The bralettes feature designated spaces for padding, allowing you to customize with your preferred MN padding. Crafted with a perfect blend of form and style, these bralettes come with a covered elastic waistband for a secure and cute look. Offering both stability and softness, these bralettes are an ideal choice for activities inside and outside the gym.

Find your perfect fit sports bra at Muscle Nation

There’s nothing like putting together that perfect fit for the gym to help you feel cute and stay motivated. Our range of sports bra’s cover every aspect of your needs in the gym from comfortable low impact support through to high impact. Pick from our range of sports bra’s and show us how you feel supported in the gym on Instagram and tag @musclenation.