Muscle Nation Partners with Queensland Children's Hospital to Make a Difference

Muscle Nation Partners with Queensland Children's Hospital to Make a Difference

In December, we are actively engaged in fundraising efforts to support the Children's Hospital Foundation. The hospital's overarching objective is to maximize the impact of its fundraising revenue. They meticulously identify and address funding and support gaps across the entire spectrum of children's health, working towards ensuring the most significant positive outcome.

Significant Support: Introducing the Donation Feature 

In a significant stride toward supporting the Children's Hospital Foundation, Muscle Nation has implemented a donation feature at checkout. This allows our valued customers the opportunity to contribute, helping us make a substantial difference in the crucial work undertaken by the hospital to support children facing health challenges.

$13,299.83 Raised For Queensland Children's Hospital 

A total of $13,299.83 has been raised for the Queensland Children's Hospital, thanks to the incredible support and generosity of our community. This sum, collected via our website's donation feature, will be forwarded to the Children's Hospital Foundation.

Transparent Impact: Where Your Dollar Goes

What sets this initiative apart is the transparency in communicating where the donated funds go. Muscle Nation is committed to ensuring that each dollar makes a significant impact on children's health. According to the figures provided, a commendable 64 cents out of every donated dollar directly influences research, provides crucial equipment and supports patients and their families.

Furthermore, 10 cents from each donation is allocated to the Future Fund, enabling the hospital to make substantial, multi-year commitments to critical areas such as brain cancer and cystic fibrosis. This forward-looking approach ensures sustained support for ongoing and emerging health challenges faced by young patients.

While 26 cents addresses operating expenses and fundraising costs, it plays a pivotal role in sustaining the initiative's momentum. By covering these essential overheads, Muscle Nation ensures that it can continue generating income efficiently, adhering to good governance practices.

Scope of Impact:

Being the sole charity in Queensland that caters to children with all illnesses, injuries, and conditions, the scope of our work at the Children's Hospital Foundation is vast and impactful. From the latest medical research to supporting families during challenging times, we strive to address gaps in funding and support across the entire landscape of children's health.

Muscle Nation's supporting the Children's Hospital Foundation represents a powerful alliance in the pursuit of a healthier and brighter future for sick children. Your contribution, no matter the size, goes a long way in making a meaningful impact on the lives of young patients and their families. Together, let's continue to support the essential work of the Children's Hospital Foundation and make a difference in the lives of those who need it most.