One of our visions for 2021 is to be more environmentally conscious. The Muscle Nation Sustainability Movement represents the positive steps we are taking as a brand to reduce our environmental footprint and create a more sustainable workplace. 

Hattie Boydle X Muscle Nation

The Launch Of Our Recycled Fabrics

From a design perspective, we want to expand our current fabric range, while keeping the materials our community knows and loves. We want to introduce more fabrics made with recycled yarns and natural fibres, while still offering our customers the best quality.

The HBxMN Collection marks the launch of our new recycled fabrics. Each piece in this collection is mindfully made from an element of recycled fabric. The use of recycled fabrics, such as Recycled Polyester, helps reduce landfill and conserve raw materials. 

Recycled Polyester is made from consumer waste and recyclable materials, such as plastic bottles which have been collected, sorted by colour, and then melted down and formed into chips. These chips are also called ‘flakes’. These chips or flakes are then sent to spinning mills where they are melted down and turned into yarn to create new fabric.

The Leggings and Bike Shorts in this collection are crafted from 75% Recycled Polyester, along with the main fabric of the Bralettes. In addition, the Cropped Mesh Tanks in this collection are crafted from 85% Recycled Polyamide.

Slam Dunk Collection

Half Time Long Sleeve

Continuing with our endeavour to use more recycled fabrics in our apparel collections, the Half Time Cropped Long Sleeve in our Slam Dunk Collection is mindfully made with 86% Recycled Polyester. 

Going forward, we will continue to explore new ways we can create more sustainable processes while designing future collections.

Creating An Efficient & Sustainable Warehouse

Our 100% Compostable Packaging Initiative

Creating a more sustainable warehouse is something we have been working on behind the scenes at Muscle Nation for quite some time. We have developed 100% compostable packaging for our postage satchels and garment bags. There were many different options of packaging and levels of durability, so this initiative required a great deal of trialling and testing before it came to life. As a result, all orders will now arrive to customers in our new 100% compostable postage satchels, in further support of our MN Sustainability Movement. 

With the launch of our HBxMN Collection in January, we also introduced our 100% compostable garment bags. Moving forward, we are phasing out our original non-recyclable garment packaging, so all garments in the Muscle Nation Warehouse will be in our new 100% compostable packaging.

Our Scanning System

On May 18, 2020 we changed the way we operate in our warehouse. We wanted to reduce our impact on the environment, as our warehouse was heavily reliant on paper for packing orders. Originally, individual sheets of paper were required for our order picking and packing processes. We knew we needed to implement a more sustainable process, however we also knew this change could not happen overnight. 

After many months of meetings and researching a wide range of inventory management systems, we finally found a scanning system to support our warehouse. This system not only allows us to reduce paper, but enables our warehouse processes to be more efficient. Our scanners streamline our inventory management, order picking and packing processes - while importantly eliminating our dependence on paper. 

Starting with only four scanners, we have now acquired more than 40 scanners for our daily processes. The Muscle Nation Warehouse is nearly a paperless environment. We also have big recycling bins which we use daily.