Jeans For Genes

As Muscle Nation is a family-owned business, supporting the work of children's charities is important to us. On Friday August 6, the Muscle Nation Team wore their denim for Genes for Jeans Day to raise funds and awareness for the 1 in 20 children facing a birth defect or genetic disease. All funds will be donated to the Children's Medical Research Institute to help find cures for genetic diseases affecting Australian children.
Jeans For Genes

As Muscle Nation is a family-owned business, supporting the work of children's charities is important. The Children's Medical Research Institute's vision is to create a better future for Australian kids facing birth defects and genetic diseases. With the love and support of our community, we have raised $10,000 to donate to the Children's Medical Research Institute. 

On a mission to change incurable to curable, the Children's Medical Research Institute is dedicated to finding treatments and cures for genetic diseases. The Institute was the first organisation in Australia to improve children's health through research. One in 20 children face a birth defect or genetic disease - a trend they are committed to change. There are currently over 6,000 different types of genetic diseases, and 30% of children’s hospital admissions are due to genetic disorders. 

The Children's Medical Research Institute is dedicated to learning more about birth defects and genetic diseases to find cures so children do not have to turn to surgery or long-term treatment plans

About Jeans for Genes and how our donation is going to help

Started by the Institute, the Jeans for Genes initiative supports raising vital funds for gene therapy research. Genetic diseases are caused by errors in our DNA, which can lead to diseases such as cystic fibrosis, muscular dystrophy, metabolic disorders and cancer. Gene therapy works by inserting a gene with the correct DNA information, to repair the errors in DNA and restore normal function.

Another key focus of the Institute is to improve the access to gene therapy by ensuring the clinical trials that are developed overseas, are brought to Australia more quickly. Ultimately, this means Australian children who are facing genetic diseases can receive vital treatment sooner.  

Anyone can get involved in Jeans for Genes! You can register a team or as an individual, and raise funds by wearing your denim, hosting a "Bake it Blue" event, or setting a 6km challenge to help raise funds for gene therapy research. 

To learn more about Jeans for Genes and the Children's Medical Research Institute, click here