Discover the Latest Fitness Trend: Pump Covers

Discover the Latest Fitness Trend: Pump Covers

Just a phase or lasting viral trend? 

The fitness industry is no stranger to innovative and quirky activewear trends. With the rise of TikTok, many of these trends have gone viral in the online fitness community. One trend that you may have come across is the "pump cover" trend. For those unfamiliar with fitness TikTok, a pump cover refers to an oversized piece of clothing that is worn to conceal one's "pump" or physique after performing a few sets of weightlifting or other exercises. This is often achieved by wearing an oversized hoodie or t-shirt.

What is a “pump”? 

"Pump" refers to the temporary appearance of larger muscles due to an increased flow of blood or lactic acid in the muscles during workouts. Pump cover enthusiasts often wear multiple layers or a hoodie to enhance the heat around the muscles, resulting in a more intense pump. These covers are typically worn over clothing such as singlets, sports bras, or stringers that reveal more of the muscles. The removal of the pump cover is often seen as a rite of passage, and some people are shocked by the physiques they reveal.

The best pump covers from Muscle Nation

Muscle Nation offers a wide range of pump covers for both women and men, including oversized hoodies, jumpers, and tees. Some popular options include classic vintage pullovers, 3D oversized vintage hoodies, and heavy oversized vintage tees. Whether you prefer a simple and classic look or a dramatic and oversized look, there is a pump cover that is perfect for you.

Women’s Hoodies, Jumpers and Oversized Tee’s  

  • Classic Vintage Pullover: For those looking for a simple staple pump cover the vintage pullover is a go-to. Coming in a range of colours and with an oversized fit, it’s the perfect stylish pump cover.    
  • Extra oversized Vintage Hoodie: This one was certainly a crowd pleaser and creates a great pump cover for those winter months. With a vibrant colour and soft comfortable fit, it’s perfect for those warm up sets. 
  • Womens Oversized Tee’s: We have a wide range of vintage look oversized tee’s for women online. With an array of colours and classic worn vintage look, they create a lightweight pump cover that conceals your pump for a jaw-dropping reveal. 

Men’s Hoodies, Jumpers and Oversized Tee’s

  • Oversized Vintage Hoodie: This classic hoodie is the go-to pump clover for men. With a dramatic oversized look it can conceal even the most pumped physiques. 
  • Lightweight Long Sleeve: While this one isn’t designed with an oversized look, sizing up can achieve the perfect pump cover look with a more lightweight comfort in mind. 
  • Oversized Vintage Tee: We have a wide range of designs in oversized tee’s for men coming in a range of colours and with a thick, comfortable design. For the light pump cover options these oversized tee’s are perfect for those first couple of sets without lugging around a bulky item of clothing for the rest of your workout.   

*Quick tip for the ladies: If you’re looking for a true oversized fit, branch out into the mens section for a larger, boxier fit for your pump cover. 

To cover the pump or to not cover the pump? 

Experienced gym-goers often choose to wear a pump cover depending on their day or week at the gym. Wearing oversized clothing in the gym isn't suitable for everyone, as the extra fabric can be uncomfortable even during a few sets. The decision to wear a pump cover should be based on comfort and desired appearance. Browse our selection of women's and men's oversized hoodies, tees, and jumpers to find the perfect pump cover.