Millie & Nate's Quads Workout

Check out Millie & Nate's epic quad workout. The full workout is listed below going through exercises, sets, reps, videos and detailed explanations to help you. 

Millie & Nate's workout is powered by our LEGACY Pre Workout, with Millie's gym fit of choice is the Function Bra in Shocking Pink paired with Signature Scrunch Bike Shorts in Pink Punch. Nate's wearing the Basketball 5" Shorts - White and the Burly Training Tank - Black.

Workout Instructions

A. Heel Elevated Front Squats

5 sets, 5 reps


 Heels elevated, assume a front rack position with your heels elevated, with your elbows up whilst holding onto the bar.

- Position your chest up whilst holding your upper back tight.

- Squat down whilst driving your knees out. As you come up, push up with your legs through the ground.

B. Goblet Squats

3 sets, 20 reps


- Starting with your heels elevated, hold your arms locked into your chest while holding a dumbell in a vertical position.

- Keep your elbows inside the lines of your knees, with your heels pressed firmly against the plate.

- Complete each rep focusing on technique instead of speed. For extra tension, slow the negative portion of the movement with a 5 second count.

C1. Single Leg Press

4 sets, 12-15 reps


- Sit on the machine with your back and head resting comfortably against the padded support, place your feet on the footplate and in line with your hips.

- Slowly bend your knee and bring the weight down towards your body. At the bottom of the movement start driving and pushing through your foot moving the weight back up.

- Complete the reps at a slow pace, focusing on lengthening your hamstrings/glutes as you come down while keeping tension on every rep.  

C2. Single Leg Extension

4 sets, 12-15 reps

- Each leg push out against the pad until your leg is straight, lifting the weight.

- Squeeze your quads as you reach full-extension

- Allow the weight to come down and back to your starting position, then continue until you have completed all reps.

D. Seated Single Leg Calf Raise

3 sets, 15 reps

- Lift your heel as high as you can.

- Pause at the top of the rep for a moment and squeeze (concentrate on contracting and squeezing your calf)