Kayla's Glute and Lower Body Workout

Check out Kayla's glute focused lower body workout below going through exercises, sets, reps, videos and detailed explanations to help you. 

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Workout Instructions

A1. Cable Glute Kickbacks

3 sets, 12 reps

Fantastic way to isolate your glutes.

Ankle strap required. Load your desired weight onto a cable machine and step back a bit so you feel some resistance. Use your other leg for main support, you can also use the tower or pole for support. Bend your knees slightly and keep your abs tight, slowly kick your leg back until your hip is extended and your glute is contracted. Focus on squeezing the glute, and return back to the starting position.

B1. Barbell Low Bar Squat

4 sets, 8-10 reps

Position the barbell lower than your regular high bar squat position. Point feet slightly outwards and shoulder-width apart. Squat down slowly and controlled. Squat depth can vary from individual to individual, simply try and find your sweet spot where no pain is present. Importantly control each rep and feel the tension in your quads, hamstrings and glutes. Once you hit your depth, drive and push our of the hole and back to the starting position.

B2. Lying Leg Curl 1 & 1/4

4 sets, 10-12 reps

Lying face down on a lying leg curl machine with the roller pad positioned between your calves and heels. Pull your ankles to your buttocks and squeeze through your hamstrings. Perform a full rep, then a 1/4 rep, before returning to your start position. This is 1 rep. 

C1. Triple Pulse Hip Thrust

4 sets, 8-10 reps

Positioned on a hip thrust machine, loaded with your desired weight. With a bend in your knees, slowly thrust your lower body forward to lift the weights up, thrusting 3 times while holding at the top before returning to the starting position.

C2. BB Reverse Deficit Lunge

4 sets, 8-10 reps

Standing elevated on a 25kg plate, hold a barbell on your shoulders, behind your head. Next, step back into a lunge position, before returning to the starting position.

D1. Dumbbell Romanian Deadlift

3 sets, 12 reps

Starting shoulder width apart with a slight outward turn in your feet & a bend in your hips (45 degree angle) with a bend in your knees, pickup 2 dumbbells and stand up, in a similar fashion to a traditional deadlift. Complete each rep slowly, focusing on form and technique.

E1. Sled Push

3 sets, 1 rep

Using a weighted gym sled, push the sled for a distance you're comfortable with.

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