Muscle Nation Gym Towel

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A workout essential. The Muscle Nation Gym Towel is made with soft, lightweight and moisture absorbing microfibre material. The material has a polyamide wedge design which gives each fibre a pocket design that traps and holds moisture when needed, pulling it away for the surface so it always appears dry (not wiping sweat with sweat).

- Embroidered Muscle Nation logo - Moisture Absorbing Microfibre Material - Soft and Lightweight Dimensions: 50 x 86 cm

NOTE:Ā In the SCRUNCH BUM, SEAMLESS & MENS LINES, there might be a slight fit and feel difference in the same size across different colours.Ā The scrunch bum collection is all made from the same custom fabric blendĀ and colours are custom picked by us. When it comes to colouring, some colours require more colouring, dye, settling time, than others. This is where the fabric feel 'might' feel a little differentĀ across someĀ colours. This is where the fit 'might' feel a little different in the same size inĀ different colours. We ALWAYS suggest to size up if you are in-between sizes to ensure the items are a comfortableĀ and flexible fit.