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MN AMINOS Recovery & Hydration

  • 30 servings
  • BCAAs - build & repair muscle 
  • EAAs - recovery & performance
  • Electrolyte Blend - replenish & restore
  • Coconut Water Powder - hydrate
  • Glutamine - immune system
  • No Caffeine No Stimulants
  • Gluten Free

Mix ½ - 1 scoop in a shaker with 500-600 mls of cold water, and enjoy!

Available in a variety of delicious flavours - there’s something for everyone.

What are Aminos Acids?

When you eat food, the body’s digestive system breaks down dietary protein (food and protein powder) into amino acids. Protein is made up of around 20 amino acids. Protein and amino acids are vital to build, retain and repair muscle tissue. Protein (amino acids) improves recovery and helps decrease muscle soreness. Amino acids provide the body with the tools it needs to build and repair muscle tissue. 

When you eat dietary protein from food or protein powder, it needs time to digest. The benefit of amino acid supplements is that they absorb instantly. MN Aminos utilizes key amino acids in effective dosages that focus on building and retaining muscle (prevents muscle tissue breakdown - preserves muscles), reduces exercise fatigue and helps muscle recovery. 


  • Build and grow muscle
  • Retain muscle 
  • Recovery, reduces lactic acid build up 
  • Recovery, muscle soreness
  • Electrolytes, hydrate & replenish to improve performance
  • Glutamine, boost immune system 

The below FAQs are examples of personal preferences and experiences. We are here to help you, please contact us to ask questions related to this product.

When and why take MN Aminos?

I drink my MN Aminos once or twice per day. The timing does come down to personal preference and depending on your workout goals and intensity. I want to just use my routine below to show when and why I take them during these intervals. 

Workout - muscle building/ toning (gym or home)
For my workouts, I will use 1 scoop during my workout (intra workout). I will drink my pre-workout 30 minutes before I train, and sip my MN Aminos throughout my workout (fill up my shaker with 600 mls of water and add 1 scoop MN Aminos). I do find a big difference in my workout performance and intensity when I drink Aminos and when I don’t drink MN Aminos. It helps reduce lactic acid in my muscles, which allows me to push harder during my workout, more reps, more weight equals more total volume. Over a week, month etc, all the extra volume ads up. With added electrolytes and coconut water powder, drinking MN Aminos throughout my workout helps to replenish my electrolytes from sweating. An electrolytes imbalance can seriously affect your hydration and overall athletic performance. Replenishing electrolytes helps maintain fluid balance and muscle contractions.

Workout - aerobic (walking, running, cycling etc)
If I am not pushing weights, and engaging in any aerobic activity like running or cycling, I will make sure I use 1 scoop of MN Aminos in my water bottle. Aminos help reduce lactic acid, hydrate, improve recovery during activity and replenish electrolytes from sweating. 

Stay hydrated (anytime)
Adding ½ scoop in a big water bottle, helps flavour my water, and makes it so much easier to drink. It helps increase my water intake daily with the added benefits (listed above).

How many scoops can I take daily?

Workout days, I take 1-2 scoops. Non-workout days, I take ½-1 scoop.

1 scoop - workout related

½ scoop - helps me drink a big jug of water easily. I find it hard to drink a lot of water during the day, adding ½ scoop of Aminos in a litre of water gives it some flavours and makes it very easy to drink. 

Can I take MN Aminos non exercise days?


On my non exercise days, I will take ½ scoop of MN Aminos in a big bottle of water (anytime it suits me). Flavouring my water has really helped increase my daily water intake. Consuming MN Aminos (BCCAs, EAAs, Electrolytes and Glutamine) on non workout days has benefits, from muscle repair and hydration, reduces muscle soreness and immune system boost with glutamine.



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