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THREE-D Pump + Performance Pre-Workout Non Stim RED BURST CANDY
THREE-D Pump + Performance Pre-Workout Non Stim RED BURST CANDY
THREE-D Pump + Performance Pre-Workout Non Stim RED BURST CANDY

THREE-D Pump + Performance Pre-Workout Non Stim RED BURST CANDY

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THREE-D pump + performance pre-workoutĀ is special. The pumps are next level, just reading the ingredient panel, will make you smilešŸ˜! This is a very high quality and well put together product. Below I will go into detail to why we used what, how they work and their synergistic effect.

THREE-D pump + performanceĀ will come in 4 flavours!

šŸ‰Ā Watermelon Slushie

šŸ‡Ā Bubblegum Grape

šŸ’Ā Red Burst Candy

ā„ļøĀ Lemonade Icy Pole


GlycerPumpĀ®Ā is a patented and more stable and reliable form of Glycerol. HydroMax is known to clumpĀ (unstable)Ā and Glycerol Monostearate is not very efficient with its ability to absorb efficientlyĀ (known to bloat and sit in your stomach).

GlycerPumpĀ®Ā is a high grade, efficient and reliable source of Glycerol. Increases concentration of fluid in blood and intracellular tissues which increases exercise performance and muscle pumps. It also aids in pulling other ingredients such asĀ L-CitrullineĀ intra-muscular quickerĀ (without needing the malic acid - in Citrulline Malate).

Everyone respects and reacts very well to Glycerol products.Ā GlycerPumpĀ®Ā is usually dosed at 1,000 mg - 2,000 mg. We are using 3,000 mg, but there is also a fine line in using too much, where once it hits your stomach it pulls a lot of water in the one spot and will cause stomach discomfort and bloat. We have tested different dosages to find a very effective, strong and sweet spot forĀ THREE-D pump + performanceĀ in conjunction with our effective absorption enhancerĀ AstraGinĀ®Ā to ensure it absorbs quick. At 3,000 mgĀ GlycerPumpĀ®, and in combination with other clinically and highly dosed ingredients such asĀ L-CitrullineĀ 4,000 mgĀ (more below), this is something special. Very effective, and a lot of testing and theory went in to bring this product to life.

The addition ofĀ NitrosigineĀ®Ā 1,500 mg,Ā Vaso6ā„¢Ā 300 mg,Ā GlycerPumpĀ®Ā 3,000 mg andĀ L-CitrullineĀ 4,000mg, this is a very strong and effective production of nitric oxide through arginine. This also creates an enzyme called arginase which puts a limit on the amount of nitric oxide you can make. This creates a blockĀ (limit)Ā on how big of a pump you can achieve. This is whereĀ L-NorvalineĀ works by inhibiting arginase production, allowing you to go past that blockĀ (limit)Ā and keep producing nitric oxide throughout your workout.Ā L-NorvalineĀ is dosed at a strong 300 mg, which will make sure you enjoy long lasting, hard and strong pumps.


PERFORMANCE (strength, power, endurance)

This is whyĀ THREE-DĀ goes above and beyond being just aĀ "pump product". To make sure your workout is driving hardĀ (muscle endurance and muscle strength), a big dose ofĀ Betaine AnhydrousĀ 4,000 mg and the new age, well studied ingredient calledĀ elevATPĀ®Ā at 150 mg.

elevATPĀ®Ā is a patented ingredient and has a lot of research and study behind it.Ā elevATPĀ®Ā boosts ATP levels to increase strength and power output. The more ATP available, the better an individual is able to perform. With studies revealing supplementing with 150mg ofĀ elevATPĀ®, their blood tests revealed that their blood ATP levels had increased by 40% after sixty minutes!Ā elevATPĀ®Ā leads to increases in athletic performance, power output and training volume.

Betaine AnhydrousĀ is found naturally in beets (as the name suggests) that has been shown in various studies to enhance muscle oxygen consumption, boost muscle protein synthesis resulting in impressive strength gains, muscle endurance and increases in power output.Ā Betaine AnhydrousĀ should be a staple in all pre-workout supplements due to a multitude of muscle-building benefits.

With added 2,000 mg ofĀ TaurineĀ to help with harder and longer muscle contraction, restore intramuscular calcium levels and draw water into muscle cellsĀ (osmolyte - more volume). There is a lot of synergy across ingredients inĀ THREE-D pump + performance.

Not only is this an incredible nitric oxide pump product with performance enhancers, it also has a very synergistic nootropic formula.


NOOTROPICS (focus & mood)

With over 1,600 mg of nootropics which will provide a very razor focused state and in-tune workout.Ā AlphaSizeĀ® Alpha GPCĀ 200 mg,Ā Huperzine AĀ 100 mcg,Ā Velvet Bean Mucuna PruriensĀ (L-Dopa 98%)Ā 100 mg,Ā Lionā€™s ManeĀ 300 mg andĀ TyrosineĀ 1,000 mg. A nootropic blend with a lot of synergy to be optimal and effective. Utilising nootropics for a study session or desk work is very different when combining it into pre-workout supplements. A lot of testing and tuning was done to find theĀ "sweet spot".

A lot of time and testing was done to find an effective, reliable and synergistic level. No cloudy head, no upset stomach, no dropping in and out of the zone, all these are side effects, too much of something and not enough of something else.Ā Lionā€™s ManeĀ (Hericium erinaceus)Ā is a medicinal mushroom proven to benefit the brain, nerves and immune system.Ā Lionā€™s ManeĀ helps eliminate brain fog. We have a very healthy dose of 300 mgĀ Lion's Mane Powder.

Primary functions of choline is helping brain cells in the production of acetylcholine, a key neurotransmitter for mental focus and learning. We are providing choline in different sources and stages.Ā AlphaSizeĀ® Alpha GPCĀ 200 mg,Ā Velvet Bean Mucuna PruriensĀ (L-Dopa 98%)Ā 100 mg andĀ TyrosineĀ 1,000 mg. Increasesing acetylcholine levels in the brain with these ingredients also have a down side - they have a short half life.


To help prolong and effectively keep acetylcholine levels where they should be for longer,Ā Huperzine AĀ 100 mcg is utilised as acetylcholinesterase inhibitorĀ (block the breakdown rate of acetylcholine therefore increase the level and duration of acetylcholine in you brain). With an increase of dopamine fromĀ AlphaSizeĀ® Alpha GPC,Ā Velvet Bean Mucuna PruriensĀ (L-Dopa 98%)Ā andĀ Tyrosine, you are going to feel very good, motivated and in the mood to go HAM.



To ensure everything absorbs efficientlyĀ AstraGinĀ®Ā 50 mg is utilised andĀ S7ā„¢Ā 50 mg for its pump enhancing capabilities. Both ingredients well studied, patented, very effective and respected.Ā AstraGinĀ®Ā is an extract obtained from a natural plant-based proprietary compoundĀ (Panax notoginseng Astragalus membranaceus).Ā AstraGinĀ®Ā is a very effective extract to aid and help your body maximise absorption of amino acids and ingredient.

With the addition of a brand new, well studied patented ingredient calledĀ S7ā„¢Ā (releasing in January 2019), we are one ofĀ (if not the first)Ā in the world to use this new super pump, nitric oxide enhancer.Ā S7ā„¢Ā is a blend of 7 plant-based ingredients that has been clinically shown to increase nitric oxide (NO) by 230%.

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