Muscle Nation Arm Blaster - Silver

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WANT TO GET HUGE BICEPS ? The Muscle Nation Arm Blaster provides insane pumps and it will help with greater isolation, which means bigger biceps. (watch video below)

The MuscleNation Arm Blaster is a harness with a metal plate. The harness slides over your neck, allowing you to lock your arms into the grooved padded sections of each side of the arm blaster’s metal plate.

Contoured plate isolates arms and shoulders while keeping back and elbows locked in position for curling exercises - Thick padded elbow pads for comfort - Fully adjustable harness - Foam neck padding - Available in 5 Colors

SIZE: One size fits all.

NOTE: In the SCRUNCH BUM, SEAMLESS & MENS LINES, there might be a slight fit and feel difference in the same size across different colours. The scrunch bum collection is all made from the same custom fabric blend and colours are custom picked by us. When it comes to colouring, some colours require more colouring, dye, settling time, than others. This is where the fabric feel 'might' feel a little different across some colours. This is where the fit 'might' feel a little different in the same size in different colours. We ALWAYS suggest to size up if you are in-between sizes to ensure the items are a comfortable and flexible fit.

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