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Fat Loss Maintenance

In theory, weight loss is simple. Expend more energy than you are taking (usually due to eating in a slight calorie deficit and expending energy from lifting weights and performing cardio if needed) and if your consistent you’ll lose weight over time.

So if losing the weight is that easy, how come we always seem to put it back on?

Usually it’s due to our way of eating not being too drastic/hardcore and not sustainable. It’s not often you meet someone who badly wants to lose weight but is happy to put it all back on (usually plus more), so how can we make it more sustainable and what’s the long term solution?

Here’s 10 tips that will help you maintain your weight/fat loss with ease and help create healthier eating habits for the long term.

1. Stick to regular feeding times Also meal frequency is largely irrelevant when it comes to fat loss, getting in the habit of eating at regular times can be a great way to create a healthy relationship with food and get into the routine of sticking to a similar calorie intake (you should roughly understand how much you need to be eating to maintain your weight if you've tracked calories/macros to lose fat in the first place).

2. Drink water before every meal By drinking water before every meal you're reducing the chances of over-eating due to feeling fuller sooner rather than later.

3. Stop eating when you're full Sounds simple I know but most of us don't stop eating when we're full, we stop eating when the food is gone. Aim to be more conscious of when you feel full. When you do, put the fork or spoon down and finish your meal there.

4. Eat your protein first (along with vegetables and salad) Similar to drinking water before a meal, protein can help you feel fuller a lot quicker than carbohydrates and/or fats as it's a lot more satiating macronutrient.

5. Remain aware of your body weight on an empty stomach By roughly knowing your body weight will allow you to stay within a certain range will still having the flexibility and comfort of knowing that your exact weight does not matter. Once you reach the top end of that range it might be time to tighten things up a little, if you're at the bottom end then you can continue as usual or increase food intake.

6. Remind yourself of WHY you lost the weight in the first place What's your WHY, the reason you wanted to lose the weight in the first place? Deep down everyone knows this answer, make the effort to constantly remind yourself of that reason on a daily basis.

7. Make smart and calculated food choices when at the grocery store If you don't have calorie dense food in your pantry, you're a hell of a lot less likely to go and source it out and eat it. Fill your cupboard with foods you know are going to help you stick close to your calorie intake and that you're less likely to want to binge on.

8. Continue to exercise and focus on training performance (move more) Move more, it's that simple. Maintain regular exercise which can be made easier by shifting the focus from fat loss, to performance with your training. Aim to improve in every session, every week.

9. Don't set 'start' and 'end' dates with your diet, make it a way of eating that suits YOUR lifestyle If a 'diet' has a start and end date, it's never going to last. Find a way of eating that will produce results, yet is a comfortable and sustainable way of eating for you. Nutrition should revolve around your lifestyle, not the opposite way around.

10. Don't restrict yourself from certain foods or food groups As soon as you restrict yourself or take away a food/drink that you enjoy, you're a lot more likely to crave it. There's absolutely no need to cut anything out of your diet, everything should be consumed in moderation. Have these tips helped you? Let us know by taking a screenshot of this blog and sharing it on your instagram story or with a friend.

Thanks for reading MN :)

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