Fat Loss Checklist - 20 points

When it comes to fat loss there’s many factors that may have an effect on the outcome. One thing that remains constant is that your body must be in a negative energy balance.

In theory, fat loss is easy. Although in most real life situations, where we’re faced with daily stressors, injuries, lack of motivation and countless different theories on what works and what doesn’t, the fat loss equation becomes a little more difficult.

That doesn’t mean it’s not possible. Give yourself the best chance of achieving the physique you desire by ticking off as many points as possible from our ‘Fat Loss Checklist’ below.

1. Focus on progressive overload in the gym

More weight, reps and sets over time. The more strength and lean mass you retain in a calorie deficit, the easier the process will be and the less damage you will cause to your metabolism.

2. Eat in a slight calorie deficit

200-500 calories below maintenance.

3. Forget about supplements unless your training and nutrition is 10/10

Fat burners don't burn fat by doing nothing, they help control your hunger, increase your energy levels so you exercise harder and transport fatty tissue to the muscle to be burned off as energy. (so yes you have to exercise!).

4. Sleep more

Never underestimate the importance of recovery, in particular, sleep.

5. Drink more water than you currently are

Hydration is the key when it comes to fat loss, the more water you drink, the less water your body holds.

6. Foam roll for 10-15 minutes every day

Self Myo-fascial release work will allow you to turn up for your workout every day with a healthy body and minimise the risk of injury.

7. Improve your mobility

An improvement in mobility will aid in you get stronger with all of your lifts in the gym.

8. Treat your warm-up sets like the real deal

If you warm up like trash then you'll train like trash. Warm up with intent and purpose, prime your body for training.

9. Supplement with caffeine before you train

Caffeine has been proven to increase your metabolism for a short period of time and increase performance.

10. Get really good at all of your compound movements

Get the most bang from your buck by utilising compound lifts in your program. The more muscle groups used, means more energy expended during your sessions.

11. Increase your daily incidental exercise

Take the stairs, park further from work, walk your dog more, stand up at work etc.

12. Use cardio as a tool, not a necessity

Cardio is a great way to increase energy expenditure, it doesn't automatically = fat loss though

13. Train with a lifting buddy

Having a training partner will not only keep you accountable, but also improve the quality and intensity of your training.

14. Use intensity techniques such as drop sets and supersets

Purely to increase energy expenditure in the gym towards the end of your session after the compound lifts are out of the way.

15. Train each muscle group at least 2 x per week

If you’re still following a ‘bro split’ then you’re missing out. Stimulate each muscle at least twice per week for optimal strength and hypertrophy results.

16. Give yourself more time than you think you need

The slower the better when it comes to fat loss, that way you retain more muscle mass.

17. Get regular massage/myotherapy if possible

Injury prevention is far greater than injury management. Take care of niggles before they become a more serious problem.

18. Follow a training program that you enjoy and are likely to stick to

The most ‘optimal’ program in the world is useless if you can’t stick to it. Figure out what you enjoy and put in the work.

19. Stop comparing yourself to other people

What others are doing is none of your business, it’s you vs you.

20. Be consistent

Consistency is the key, Monday to Friday isn't enough. Don’t let the weekend be your weak end.   Stay tuned for next weeks nutrition blog :)

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