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Calories - Know Your Numbers

Every successful business owner knows their numbers.

They know the amount of money that's coming in, along with the money that's going out (if they don't know, their on a trail to disaster in the long run).

When we think about fat loss and muscle growth, the same rules apply.

We must know our numbers.

How many calories are we taking in?

How much energy are we expending? (You don't necessarily have to know exactly how many calories you're burning per day, you do however need to keep track of how much exercise you are doing. How many strength sessions and how much cardio)

Without knowing your numbers, you're simply playing the guessing game.

Will you see results without knowing your numbers? Maybe, maybe not.

When you DO see results, how do you know what caused them?

So where should you start?

1. Know exactly how many calories you need to be eating per day to achieve either weight gain or weight loss (muscle growth or fat loss).

>200-500 calories below maintenance intake to reduce body fat.

>100-500 calories above maintenance to increase weight/muscle mass.

2. Know exactly how many strength training sessions you're completing per week and keep track of your progression (weights lifted, reps, sets, tempo, difficulty etc)

The aim should be to lift more weight, for more reps and sets over time, therefore increasing work load and energy expenditure.

3. Know exactly how much cardio you're doing per week.

It's unnecessary to be doing endless amounts of cardio if fat loss is your goal, simply be in a deficit which can be created by eating less, lifting more, doing more cardio or a mix of the 3.

Likewise, it's unnecessary to be doing excessive amounts of cardio if you're struggling to gain weight and already eating a lot of food.

So you can see how it's very important to know your numbers and how by not knowing them, there's plenty of factors that can come into play that will either help you or hurt you in your quest for results.

A good example we can use is driving a car with no speed or fuel gauge, how could you possibly know how fast you're driving and when you're going to run our of fuel?

Let's take the guess work out of getting results.

Fat loss and muscle growth are simple when you break it down to what matters most.

Take control of your own results today, every day counts!

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