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10 Concrete Tips for Serious Fat Loss

With so much fitness and weight loss industry noise cluttering both your mind and your shopping cart, these 10 tips really tell you like it is without all the nonsense. It’s about realistic approaches that sustain lifestyle changes rather than temporary results that are impossible to maintain. Let’s dive in. Tip #1: Pick Your Consumption Style There are basically two schools of thought and studies show that both of them can work equally well. The first preaches you should eat 5-6 meals a day at regular intervals that are no farther apart than 2 hours. The other says eat three square meals a day that supple all the micronutrients you need. The key is to pick one and then stick with it. The body needs to be able to rely on your consumption habits so that it can adapt accordingly. If you keep changing things up or have no consistency, it throws the metabolism into a tailspin. Tip #2: The Three Wise Men of Micronutrients Listen, you can’t just eat fat and protein with no carbs and expect to remain healthy. And, you can’t eat nothing but carbs and protein and expect to feel full. Each meal needs to have all three in the proper amounts to facilitate muscle growth and provide the body (and brain) with the energy it needs to look and perform better. Tip #3: Make Your Carbs Work Harder As time passes and physiological data piles up, it becomes more apparent that your primary source of carbs should be fruits and veggies and nothing else. Pile them on. Tons of them. Mountains of them. The more the merrier as long as they are nutrient dense but low on the glycemic index. Tip #4: Cut Away the Toxicity Go organic or local with your food. Stay away from processed, packaged and preserved goods. Stick with food that’s truly natural and devoid of the countless modern toxins in supermarket munchies. Tip #5: High Intensity + Lower Volume Less is more when it comes to resistance training. It’s not about quantity, it’s about quality. Go with proper form and high intensity/lower volume for better results. Tip #6: Consistent Morning Cardio Sessions Wake up and go on a job at least 4 days a week on an empty stomach. But, directly afterwards you should consume a balanced breakfast. Tip #7: Choose Your Supplements Carefully Unless you plan on building tons of lean mass, there’s no reason to buy that protein supplement bar with 100 grams in it. Make sure to do your homework on these things. And, ideally, when you find one that works for your lifestyle and fitness goals, stick with it instead of consuming all different kinds throughout the month. Tip #8: Your Muscles Crave Water as much as Protein You need to read this as many times as it takes to implement it. Drink 8 cups a day and gulp it down ravenously at the gym. Tip #9: Sleep 20% More Look around the gym at all the other people with mediocre physiques or who are morbidly obese. Try to sleep at least 20% more than the rest of the rabble! Tip #10: Avoid Sugar Soft Drinks and Refined Carbs The best place to starting stripping fat is through sugary soft drinks and refined sugar packed carbs. Eliminate these from your diet and you will notice change within weeks. Try to find other foods and drinks which can take the place of soft drinks and refined carb loaded foods. Substitute these sugars with teas, protein shakes, natural smoothies, nuts, rice cakes, and any whole meal complex carbs.

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