Our initiative

Muscle Nation has been inspired by the work of Wayside Chapel, and their vision to create a community where everyone is welcome. This is a belief close to our hearts. We reached out to Wayside Chapel for more information on how we could help. 

Many people in our community are experiencing hardship during these times, and may not have access to basic clothing essentials most of us can take for granted - particularly during winter. We donated 500 packs of Muscle Nation Socks (1,500 pairs of socks in total) to Wayside Chapel, so this essential item could be provided to those in need. 

About Wayside Chapel & how our donation is going to help

With a driving vision to 'Love Over Hate', Wayside Chapel is committed to creating a safe place where people from all walks of life are welcome. Wayside Chapel strives to deliver love and support to people who are struggling on our streets, and to those who are isolated in their homes. Their mission is to foster a safe community by breaking down barriers of judgement.

Wayside Chapel provides many support programs and services. These include: providing hot meals for those in our community experiencing homelessness or crisis, personalised care in the form of a Community Outreach program, and vital essentials like clothing, food, showers, emergency accommodation, blankets, and legal and medical aid.

total of 1,500 pairs of socks have been donated Wayside Chapel, so they can be distributed to those in our community in need. 

Below is a video from Jon Own, Wayside Chapel CEO and Pastor:

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