At Muscle Nation we take pride in our products and the quality we produce. Across all our product ranges, we only want to provide our community with the highest quality of apparel, supplements and accessories.

While we hope no piece of Muscle Nation clothing experiences a manufacturing flaw, minor product imperfections can occur from time to time. Our imperfect clothing is taken off our warehouse shelves, as these pieces cannot be sold. For quite some time, we have been brainstorming how we can donate and recycle this clothing, as we certainly do not want to be wasteful and just dispose of this stock. 

We are excited to announce our partnership with Thread Together who will help us repurpose and recycle these imperfect pieces. With the help of our Community we have been able to raise and donate $12,000 to help support Thread Together in their mission to save new and excess clothing from landfill, and deliver these clothes to those who need it most. 

About Thread Together

Thread Together is Australia's only organisation with a main focus to source new and excess clothing from fashion retailers, and redistribute these items to those who need it most. Their purpose is to save new clothes from landfill and donate these clothes to people in need. 

In 2021, one of our key visions is to be more environmentally conscious in support of our Muscle Nation Sustainability Movement - so just disposing off our imperfect clothing was not an option for us. Every second, masses of clothing,  equivalent to one garbage truck full, is put into landfill. Australia is the world's second-largest consumer of new textiles, and we contribute 85% of the new clothing we buy to landfill each year. 

With Thread Together, we are going to donate our imperfect clothing to those people in need, and recycle the excess clothing we cannot donate. Additionally, we are including a donation option at the checkout for our community to donate. 

Donating Our Clothing To Those In Need

One of the ways we are repurposing our imperfect clothing, is by donating this stock to Thread Together. Their organisation will then redistribute this stock to those people in our community without access to basic clothing. With Thread Together, we can donate and redistribute our imperfect clothing to not only save this excess clothing from heading straight to landfill, but give these clothes to those Australians who need it most. 

Recycling Our Clothing We Cannot Donate 

Unfortunately, some of our imperfect clothing cannot be redistributed or donated to those in need, as this stock is faulty. We plan to repurpose this faulty clothing by recycling to reduce our environmental impact. With Thread Together, we are organising for this stock to be collected from our Muscle Nation Warehouse and recycled, to combat this clothing going straight into landfill. 

Checkout Donation

Alongside our clothing contribution, we also included an option on our website via the checkout for our community to donate while placing their orders. All proceeds will be donated to Thread Together to help them on their mission to save new and excess clothing from landfill, and deliver these clothes to people in need.

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