Do Good Movement

We are very excited to be launching our new supplement range of Custard Protein Bars and Custard Protein Powders in Coles Supermarkets nationwide. In support of these brand new supplements hitting Coles, we want to take this opportunity to give back to our community. We are proud to support Do Good Movement on their mission of raising funds for mental health charities. Together, one of the charities we are donating to is Lifeline. 

The Initiative 

Our ultimate goal is to raise $50,000 to donate to mental health charities in the next 12 months. By partnering with Do Good Movement, our goal by Christmas is to fund the training and placement of 50 Lifeline Text Crisis Supporters through an 18-week course. Lifeline's Text Crisis Support is currently only operational between midday and midnight, AEST. Lifeline wants to extend the operational hours of this service. However they need more funding to make this happen. We are hoping to raise $10,000 from the initial sales of our new supplements in Coles to support this initiative. 

About Do Good Movement

Do Good Movement is a charity 'fuelled' by snacks. They partner with Australian snack brands to not only create unique products, but raise funds for their charity projects. Do Good Movement donates to various mental health charities, with a mission of improving peoples' lives. We are working with Do Good Movement for our new Muscle Nation products that will be available in Coles Supermarkets nationwide in July 2021. They are our Muscle Nation Custard Protein Powders, Custard Plant Protein Powder and Custard Protein Bars. 

Lifeline Text Crisis Support

Over 170 suicides are attempted every day in Australia. Lifeline is Australia's largest suicide prevention service with over 1 million Australians reaching out to Lifeline each year. By extending their crisis support after hours, Lifeline will be able to assist so many Australians in their time of need. 

Donating just $200 will fund the training and placement of one Lifeline Text Crisis Supporter through the 18-week course. Our goal is to raise enough funds to cover the training costs for 50 Supporters. You can donate by purchasing our Custard Protein Bars and Custard Protein Powders in Coles, or by donating to Lifeline directly here.  

Our Range Of New Supplements

Each of our new Custard Protein Bars and Custard Protein Powders in Coles Supermarkets will have a note on the back of the product highlighting our support to Do Good Movement and their mission of donating to mental health charities.