We are grateful for the love and support of our Muscle Nation community, and we want to be able to share that love with others. It's who we are, and we value any opportunity to help our neighbouring communities. We are proud to announce, we are donating 150 Muscle Nation Hoodies to support Wave FM's Hoodies For The Homeless campaign in Wollongong, Illawarra. 

Wave FM is partnering with St Vincent de Paul Society NSW to gather as many hoodies as possible to donate to those people in need this winter. We thank the Illawarra community for supporting us, and we value the opportunity to donate to such a worthy cause. Our donation of 150 hoodies makes us one of the largest contributors to the campaign. 

Wave FM's Hoodies For The Homeless Campaign

With winter finally amongst us, warm clothing is essential to endure the cold weather. Many Australians do it tough this time of year, as they do not have access to basic clothing to keep them warm. To help those people in need, Wave FM has launched their Hoodies For The Homeless campaign. 

The initiative began on the Wave FM 96.5 Breakfast Show hosted by Straney, Damien Leith and Sami Lukis - who is currently filling in for Jade Tonta. The idea to start Hoodies For The Homeless was sparked by a school project for one of the radio hosts' sons. The project focused on what the students would do or change, if they were the mayor of their city. A common theme was raising awareness and support for those people in the Illawarra community who are experiencing hardship or homelessness this winter. The team at Wave FM put their heads together to brainstorm what they could do to help, as we have all witnessed people who are doing it tough - especially in a pandemic.

In light of the temperature dropping, Wave FM is encouraging all people in the Wollongong and wider Illawarra community, to rummage through their closets for any spare hoodies. Whether it's an old hoodie in good condition, or a brand new hoodie just sitting in the cupboard, Wave FM is on a mission to gather as many hoodies as possible. All hoodies will then be donated to St Vincent de Paul Society NSW to be distributed to those people in the community who are in need of warm clothing. 

Muscle Nation Co-Owner, Chris Anastasi, spoke live on the Wave FM 96.5 Breakfast Show about our donation to Hoodies For The Homeless. 

Have a listen of the interview below!

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