Our initiative

In September, we began our initiative of raising funds and awareness for mental health organisation, Australians for Mental Health. 

We launched a donation option at the checkout for our community to donate to while placing their orders online. With the help of our community, we raised a total of $17,000. 

Driven by community, Australians for Mental Health is a national campaign committed to reforming Australia's mental health system. It is funded by a coalition of Government, philanthropists and supporters who all have a mutual vision to change Australia's mental health system currently offered by the Government. 

About Australians for Mental Health & how our donation is going to help

Run by a movement of people who have felt the impacts of mental illness personally, or in the lives of loved ones, Australians for Mental Health strives to ensure all Australians have access to the care they need, when they need it.

Australians for Mental Health is committed to reforming Australia's mental health system. Our donation will help them with their work to ensure every Australian has access to quality mental health care when they need it. 

To learn more about Australians for Mental Health, click here
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